SpinArt for Mac

SpinArt draws graphics reminiscent of Hasbro’s mechanical art toy, the Spirograph™.

It has many dials to turn to get just the geometric creation you’re looking for. It renders in full retina resolution on a modern Mac and allows you to save your art as a PNG file, print to a printer, or save as a vector PDF. The vector PDF can be opened in an Illustrator™-type application such as Affinity Designer™ for use in other projects.

Zone out to “slow draw” watching the loopy business just like sitting at the table with your old Spirograph™ set. You can even switch on ring visibility to literally watch the pen drag across the canvas.

For work or fun...SpinArt!


Click Icon to Download

For macOS 10.8 or newer

Right-click the app and choose “Open” if macOS complains about unregistered developer.

©2013–2017 J∆•Softcode

Limitless color combinations. Huge range of size and shape

Exotic and beautiful shapes emerge, with or without a color fill

Rendered in full Retina quality.  Go beyond reality with “turbo runner.”