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macOS v6.0.1       30 Apr 20

Windows v6.0    22 Apr 20

WoW G910



The custom lighting profile I set up in LGS or G-Hub to appear in WoW gets replaced with the WoW G910 lighting.


Before version 6.0, WoW G910 had the option to try and preserve your LGS (or G Hub) lighting profile. I would attempt to play animations on top of that profile without replacing it. For technical reasons, this never worked that well and the LGS profile would often fail to appear correctly after playing for a while.

Version 6.0 forces the option for WoW G910’s profile set in its editor to always appear on the keys. This integrated much better with the animations and ensures the colors you want are always on the keys. Re-creating your LGS profile in WoW G910  should be relatively quick.  The ability to have 9 profiles switchable in game for specific characters and specs, when you type, or manually switched makes this even better!

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