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for macOS

Version 1.2       6 Oct 17

Click to download for Java.

Requires Java 1.8 installed on Windows or macOS.

Have you noticed your LGS gaming profile not working each time Blizzard patches Heroes of the Storm or StarCraft II?

That’s because behind the scenes, Blizzard moves the game application and LGS gets confused.

This is the answer if you’re tired of fixing it yourself.

LGS Blizzard Fix makes it 1-click easy to keep your LGS profiles linked to the right game apps. Just locate each of the versioned game files once and then run this app whenever Blizzard patches their game to remap your LGS profile. If you have multiple LGS profiles for the same game, all profiles will be updated at once.

Version 3.0       22 Oct 20

Click icon to download for WoW,

both Shadowlands and Classic.

Click here to Download 2021 patch

This is a stand-alone Add On.

In My Bags gives you a searchable list of the bag and bank contents of all your WoW characters while logged into any one of them.  It does not change your bag or bank interface.

Version 3 adds support for the Classic Keychain bag and makes future code updates easier.

Version 2 added filtering by realm and faction and fixed vendor value.


  • /imbscan: update the database with everything in your bags. Use at a bank teller to include everything in your main bank and reagent bank too. Repeat for each character. Database only updates when you type /imbscan.
  • /imb: view an alphabetical list of items held by all of your characters, including quantity and bag location.
  • /imb me or /imb name: filter the list to current or other character.
  • /imb any text: filter the list to items containing that text.
  • /imb [shift-click any item]: filters the list to show items containing that name.
  • /imbreset: erase the database and start fresh on next /imbscan.

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Version 1.0       22 Jan 17

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macOS X 10.8 or newer.

SpinArt draws graphics reminiscent of Hasbro’s mechanical art toy, the Spirograph™.

It has many “knobs” to turn to get just the geometric creation you’re looking for. You can save your art as a hi-rez PNG file or as a vector PDF. The vector PDF can be opened in an Illustrator™-type application such as Affinity Designer™ for use in other projects.

Zone out to “slow draw” mode with ring visibility watching the pen loop around just like sitting at the table with your old Spirograph™ set.