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macOS v5.3       9 Jul 19

Windows v5.3    11 Jul 19

WoW G910

The animation engine for Logitech RGB keyboards in the World of Warcraft

If you play World of Warcraft™ and own a Logitech RGB LED gaming keyboard, then this is a must-have app!


Get a sparkling gaming experience in Azeroth and beyond:


WoW G910 was developed and named for the flagship G910 RGB keyboard but works with any Logitech device controlled by Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) including the G513, G512, G Pro, G810, G610, G510, G410, G213, G110, G19, and G13.


Click to read more about action bar cooldowns and color profiles.


WoW G910 requires MacOS 10.10 or newer, or Windows 7 or newer. 

It was tested to work great on:

  • MacOS 10.14.5 w/ LGS 8.98.306
  • Win10 Pro (ver 1809) w/ LGS  9.02.65 or G HUB 2018.13

Highly customizable in-game lighting

Game your way.  Put any of 12 custom colors anywhere on the keyboard and store that layout to a profile. With a total of 9 profiles available, you have a color layout for every mood and character.

Program your keyboard to match your WoW key bindings and the lights will show you when your spells are ready.

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