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NEW for 2019!!

Wave RGB creates a dynamic show on your keyboard while you type. 

Ripples of color follow your fingers across all your applications. Download now!

Logitech fans around the world are waking up to the new Logitech Lighting Effects Editor to create stunning profiles for Logitech RGB keyboards. Here you can explore, download, and share your profiles with all the Logitech|G community. 


Download and unzip the “.eft” profile files for LGS to import. All profiles work with the G410, G810, G910 (Spectrum and Spark), and Logitech Pro keyboards.  Profiles are compatible with both Windows and macOS versions of LGS.


Over 80 sparkling community-built profiles and counting!

You need LGS version 8.89 or later to import these profiles into the Custom Lighting Effects Editor. Logitech’s instructions to create, edit and import lighting profiles are at this link.

G HUB cannot (yet) import external lighting profiles.  

Want your creation on this list?  Just export your profile using the LGS lighting editor and email the .eft file to Be sure to include your public Author name to get the credit. Your email address will remain private.

Do you have a great idea but need some help to get started?  Frame Painter for LGS lets you take any image and instantly “paint” your RGB keyboard with that picture. You can stretch and zoom freely to get it just right. If that image is part of an animation, you can then animate the keyboard lights from those pictures with a few clicks. 

Frame Painter for LGS is free to download and experiment. For macOS and Windows.

These animations are illustrated here using the G910 US keyboard layout. If the author used a device with fewer keys or an international layout, some keys will be constant grey. After you import the profile to your system you can use the lighting editor to fix any keys that need more color.


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