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Dynamic rippling key lights!  You’ll see it as a built-in effect on recent Logitech keyboards but LGS has never offered it as a configurable effect or made it possible on older hardware. Wave RGB dynamically draws highly-customizable rippling colors around each key as you type.

The quintessential RGB keyboard effect of rippling lights or fireworks shooting out as you type on your keyboard is not available in LGS or G-Hub. A couple other utility apps (like Project Aurora) offer versions of this effect on Windows but they bundle other capabilities that you may not want, or create compatibility issues. And Aurora doesn’t run on macOS.

On Windows, the light show can flash across your RGB mouse and headset too. It’s compatible with zone lighting on the G213 keyboard.

Tested on Win 10.0.17134 [Oct ’18 update] with LGS 9.02.65, and on macOS 10.14.4 with LGS 8.98.306. The app is designed for US-layout per-key RGB keyboards. Results will vary on European keyboard layouts.

Each press of a key can spark up to 5 rings of color, each one fully configurable by you.

Set how long each ring of color will appear. During that time, customize how the ring changes size & visibility. Make each ring any color and thickness.

You can even delay the creation of a ring to create multiple ripples from one key or other echoing effects.

Click to download for Windows 10

Wave RGB version 1.2

The download includes more details on using the app.

If Windows shows a security warning when you open the app the first time, click the “More Info” button in the warning window and click Open Anyway to use the app normally from then on.

Click to download for macOS 10.11+

Wave RGB version 1.3

Wave RGB is open source under an MIT License. Repository at

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