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Version History

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AddOn 3.2      28 May 21

Added compatibility with WoW Classic: The Burning Crusade.


AddOn 3.1      13 Mar 21

Updated to show current for Shadowlands patch 9.0.5 and Classic 1.13.6

Fixed display of animation when you deposit anima into your covenant reservoir.

Animations will now play when you pickup Redeemed Souls and Soul Ash.

Improved Shadowlands taxi animation to appear when playing WoW in languages other than English.


Windows 7.1      29 Nov 20

Fixes problem in version 7.0 of not remembering newly-programmed lighting profiles  

Adds new debugging info for those getting the “You appear to have 32-bit Java installed…” error

Windows 7.0      18 Oct 20

Includes all the new features from Mac version 7.0

Changed the assumed location of the Warcraft directory from “Program Files (x32)” to “Program Files”:

(Assumed location only affects those installing WoW G910 for the first time.)

Profile import and export menu items located in Lights (versus File) menu.

Bundled with G910xmit version 3.0.

Mac 7.0     18 Oct 20

The Shadowlands update!

Can export and import color profile files  (.keycolormap):

  • File contains all 9 profiles: 12 colors per profile and color mapping to all keys.
  • Files are interchangable across Mac and Windows.
  • Use either the File menu or new buttons in the Color Programmer window.

New animation: keyboard lights pulse during some Covenant, Soul binding, and Runeforging interactions.

New animation: sweep color across your keyboard when you gain Anima.

New animation: keyboard echos the on-screen “amina pathways” animation when you taxi to/from Oribos.

New multi-color default keyboard map (instead of solid cyan) for new users and unprogrammed profile numbers.

  • Changed two of the default colors.
  • Does not affect any profiles you already created

The automatic resynch after login will no longer show unnecessary “Reset the message queue…” messages in WoW G910.

Removed the “Override LGS profile” checkbox that was deactivated in version 6 but still hanging around since April.

Now requires macOS 10.12 or newer.

Bundled with G910xmit version 3.0:

  • Some command abbreviations are now mandatory:
    • /G910reset is now just /g910r
    • /G910cdreset is now just /g910cdr
    • /g910calibrate is now just /g910cal
  • Enables new Shadowlands animations
  • Tidied up language on some messages
  • Shortened time between automatic resynch cycles (at login) from 15 sec to 5 sec.
  • Default messaging rate accelerated from 20 to 15 frames.
  • Core Add-on Program file (g910xmit.lua) is now universal for both Retail and Classic WoW.

Mac 6.0.1     30 Apr 20

Brings all the features from Windows version 6.0 to the Mac, with a few changes:

  • “Single color animation” mode will change colors on all RGB devices (G213, G13, mouse, headphones, etc.).
  • Removed unused options in the default menus (such as “undo”).

Fixed error in mono-color animation code that prevented intended colors from showing…much prettier now!

Bundled with G910xmit ver 2.7 for WoW and Classic

Windows 6.0      22 Apr 20

Accelerated nearly every animation by 0.3s by removing (imperfect) support for overlaying the LGS profile.

Lighting changes limited to keyboard so as not to leave random colors on the mouse and headphones.  

Added menu interface for all functions of the app. Don’t have to discover hidden click codes!

Added automatic launch to start, WoW, or WoW Classic when WoW G910 starts.

Debugging output shows hexadecimal message codes and filters nulls for compatibility.

Now properly detects when WoW Classic is running to apply light changes.

Will stop blinking a newly-ready spell light if you cast the spell again.

New  combat and bind hearthstone animations for G213.

Added launch button on main screen for WoW Classic.

All launch buttons now make a sound when clicked.

Updated runtime library.

Bundled with G910xmit v2.7 for WoW and WoW Classic.

Detects when WoW fails to send a message properly and retries until it goes through. 

Windows 5.5.2      22 Jan 20

Updated runtime library.

Bundled with G910xmit v2.6 for both WoW and WoW Classic (see notes below).

Mac 5.5     22 Jan 20

G-keys and Logo lights can now be selected as action bar cooldown indicators.

Fixed bug which could make app crash when Mac was told to sleep, and sometimes when quitting.

Closing the main window properly closes any other app windows and quits and app.

Bundled with G910xmit ver 2.6:

  • Shows current for WoW patch 8.3.
  • /g910rememberprofile without a profile number now lists all the memorized profile and character/spec pairings.
  • Added /G815 and /G915 aliases for most commands as alternatives to /G910
  • Animation plays when you add a new toy to your toy box.

Bundled with G910xmit Classic ver 2.6:

  • Shows current for WoW Classic patch 1.13.3.
  • Includes same profile listing and keyboard name aliases described above.

Windows 5.5.1      15 Dec 19

Restored some library support files to zip that may have prevented the app from running. 

Windows 5.5      2 Sep 19

G-keys and Logo lights can now be selected as action bar cooldown indicators.

Updated runtime library version.

Bundled with G910xmit v2.5 for both WoW and WoW Classic.

Windows 5.4      19 Aug 19

Fixed the pop-up menu in the light programmer window to show the active color profile correctly.

Updated Logitech library to restore G Hub compatibility.

Bundled with G910xmit v2.5 for both WoW and WoW Classic.

Mac 5.4     18 Aug 19

Fixed the pop-up menu in the light programmer window to show the active color profile correctly.

In the bindings window menus, keys used as combat flashers show © instead of (combat).

Larger default Help window.

Bundled with G910xmit ver 2.5:

  • /g910reset now restores the memorized color profile for the character and spec.
  • Animation plays when you open an Azerite power item in your inventory to add it to the power list.
  • Geeky internal code changes (function namespace, input bounds checking, frame rename, case efficiency)

Bundled with G910xmit Classic ver 2.5:

  • Built on the 2.5 codebase with incompatible events removed (talent specs, achievements, artifacts, etc.)

Windows 5.3      11 Jul 19

Updated runtime library version.

Bundled with G910xmit v2.4 for WoW patch 8.2.

Includes all new features of Mac version 5.3 except for light profile change on alt-tab.

Mac 5.3     9 Jul 19

The CAPS LOCK and ENTER keys now also pulse red during combat.

New animation plays when your Heart of Azeroth levels up and when you socket a new power.

Bringing another app in front of WoW will now make Profile 2 lighting show, if that option is enabled for typing windows.

Bundled with G910xmit ver 2.4:

  • Shows current for patch 8.2.
  • Detects opening and closing of the Heart Forge; triggers forge animations used during Legion.
  • New /g910rememberprofile # command will assign profile # to the current character and specialization.

Mac 5.2     24 Jan 19

Expands number of keyboard color profiles from 2 to 9 and adds “Copy Profile” feature.

Bundled with G910xmit ver 2.3 supporting control for 9 color profiles.

  • Old commands /g910profile1 and /g910profile2 alias to new /g910profile #.
  • Old command /g910profileswap just toggles between profile 1 and 2.

Windows 5.2      20 Jan 19

Updated runtime library version.

Autocorrects WoW identifier if not fixed by user.

Expands number of color profiles from 2 to 9 and adds Copy feature.

Bundled with G910xmit ver 2.3 supporting control for 9 color profiles.

AddOn 2.2     14 Dec 18

Added code to eliminate redundant cooldown light messages to reduce lagginess in busy combat

Shows current for patch 8.1.

Mac 5.0     24 Sep 18

Same executable bundled with G910xmit AddOn ver 2.1.1.

Windows 5.1      23 Sep 18

Corrected default name of WoW from wow-64.exe to wow.exe.

Updated with latest Logitech SDK to work with LGS 9.02.61 or G HUB 2018.9.2843.

Bundled with G910xmit AddOn ver 2.1.1 with /g512 command names and extra change mode signals. 

Windows 5.0      4 Jul 18

Includes new features from Mac version 5.0.

Remembers and restores main window position.

New “About” box with info and links; click on the keyboard art to view.

Fixed bug that could break the menus in the Configure Cooldown Keys window.

Bundled .exe application; no longer requires installing Java; interface is 4K screen friendly.

Mac 5.0     4 Jul 18

Reorganized application options moving most items from the main window to the Keyboard Color Programmer window.

Removed restriction that all number row keys and Fn keys bound to an action slot must be the same color. Go wild!

Expanded the palette of custom colors to paint on keys from 8 to 12. Go wilder!!

Added “Preview” button to toggle all keys bound to an action slot to show as if the slot was on cooldown.

Updated the Configure Cooldown Keys window to show the WoW 8.0 action bar layout (action bar 5 moved).

Now allows Ins, Del, Home, End, and Pg Up/Dn keys to be used as cooldown keys by removing them from combat flashers.

  • Keys used as combat flashers now indicate this in the menus of the Configure Cooldown Keys window so they can be avoided.

In-combat pulsing red lights now pulse more quickly as the player’s life decreases.

Messaging and animation systems are faster due to several enhancements.

Added fix to persistency of grey key lights when dead.

New animation triggered by an in-game role check.

New animation triggered whenever Azerite is gained.

Animation plays when Heart of Azeroth levels up.

Fix to remembering window position on screen.

Fixed interface to make it clear “Single Color Mode” is only usable when “Override LGS” is also selected.

  • On screen display (and per-key RGB keyboards) will show correctly when Single Color Mode is activated.

Binding your hearthstone now plays an animation in Single Color Mode.

Using LGS version 8.98, WoW G910 will now change the lights on G633 & G933 headsets and RGB speakers (identical to mouse).

Bundled with G910xmit AddOn version 2.0:

  • Updated for Battle for Azeroth, WoW 8.0.
  • Enables new features described above (player health level indicator and new animations)
  • Reformatted  and resequenced event indicator for faster performance and lower latency.
  • New command, /g910time, allows performance tuning to reduce latency. See in-app help for instructions.
  • Now sensitive to loading screens appearing in game which could allow messages to be missed before.
  • Added command aliases for G513 (/g513r, /g513cdr, etc.).
  • Fixed bug that could cause spec change animation to not appear.


Windows 4.2      3 Mar 18

All features from the Mac version 4.2.

Bundled with G910xmit AddOn version 1.15

Mac 4.2     3 Mar 18

Instead of a brief white flash, action bar lights how rapidly blink on and off when a spell becomes ready.

The duration of the flashing lights is user-selectable from none (0.01 sec) to 5 seconds or more. Default is 1 second.

     Note: flashing will not be interrupted if/when the action slot goes back on cooldown, so using 1 to 3 seconds is best.

Supports new super-charged update feature for action bar lights. Can resync all 30 lights in 4 seconds vs. 12.

When not in Override LGS color mode, the reset button (and /g910r from AddOn) will attempt to restore the LGS color scheme. 

Bundled with G910xmit AddOn version 1.15:

  • New super-charged update for action bar lights. At login, change spec and /g910cdr, all 30 lights resync in 4 sec vs. 12.
  • Removed scan of action bar lights from ON_UPDATE. Now triggers on ACTIONBAR_UPDATE plus 1/sec timer
    • Result is reduced processing overhead and more power back to the game.
  • Added in-game help display. Just type /g910  or /g910help
  • Added aliases for most commands so if you don’t own the G910, you don’t have to be reminded all the time:
    • /g810cal,  /g810r,  /g810cdr,  /g810profile1,  /g810profile2,  /g810profileswap,  /g810actionbars,  /g810help
    • /g410cal,  /g410r,  /g410cdr,  /g410profile1,  /g410profile2,  /g410profileswap,  /g410actionbars,  /g410help
    • /gprocal,  /gpror,  /gprocdr,  /gproprofile1,  /gproprofile2,  /gproprofileswap,  /gproactionbars,  /gprohelp

Windows 4.1A      2 Sep 17

Unchanged app bundled with updated G910xmit AddOn version 1.14.

Mac 4.1      2 Sep 17

Main window now remembers its location.

Bundled with G910xmit AddOn version 1.14:

  • Shows current for Legion patch 7.3
  • Sends extra messages to reduce cases of combat or death animations remaining on too long

Windows 4.1      31 Jul 17

Added multi-screen support; app will work with WoW on any screen.

Fixed bug that would stop animations after you did calibration.

Mac 4.0a      8 Apr 17

Unchanged app bundled with AddOn version 1.12.

Windows 4.0      2 Apr 17

Brings total action bar key control from Mac 4.0 to the PC version; read more below.

Added a second message to calibration button clicks to make status clear.

Includes other combat chat toggling and animation fixes from Mac v4.0.

Bundled with G910xmit version 1.12 to fix a timing error plus 1.11 fixes.

Mac 4.0      31 Mar 17

New interface to customize action bar cooldown mapping; now choose any key to map to any slot.

“Switch to Profile 2 for chat automatically” now works while in combat.

Minor fixes to animations for death and change spec

Bundled with G910xmit AddOn version 1.11:

  • Shows current for Legion patch 7.2
  • Death animation should now go away (upon moving your character) in dungeons and raids after you click the Release button and come back to life. The short loading screen was blocking the AddOn
  • Color profile 1 will properly reappear if you type /reload while auto-switched to profile 2

Windows 3.0.1      25 Feb 17

Additional keys on European keyboards will now match nearest neighbor instead of showing white.

Fixed mouseover tool tips.

Windows 3.0      20 Feb 17

Big leap in version number to celebrate the big leap in features!  Windows app now on par with Mac.

Full keyboard color programmer replaces creating a WoW profile in LGS and adds features.

Option to automatically switch profiles when any typing window opens.

Create two color profiles and switch between them in-game.

Improved blending of animations over keyboard profile.

Applies custom colors only when WoW is running.

Mac 3.0      8 Jan 17

The G910 G-keys and logo lights are now included in the Color Programmer and can be set for each profile.

Squashed a bug that could get the app stuck in cinematic dark mode.

  • This bug caused WoW G910 to stop responding in the Maw of Souls dungeon after the movie. Fixed!

Bundled with G910xmit AddOn version 1.10:

  • Adds a new command: /G910actionbars to disable processing of action bar events. This will result in a slight performance gain if you’re not using the “Show action bar cooldowns” feature, such as on a single-color keyboard (G213). Type “/G910actionbars off” to disable the messages and “/G910actionbars on” to restore.
  • No longer shows all actions as on-cooldown when your main action bar is replaced with a custom one, in particular, the Darkmoon Faire cannon launch and shooting gallery.

Windows 1.6      8 Jan 17

Incorporates the stuck cinematic mode bug fix incorporated in Mac version 3.0.

Bundled with AddOn version 1.10 with new /G910actionbars command.

Windows 1.5      4 Jan 17

Incorporates sticky death bug fix incorporated in Mac version 2.2.

Bundled with AddOn version 1.9 to support death bug fix.

Mac 2.2      4 Jan 17

Finally tracked down and fixed the “sticky death” bug; death animation should clear on all rezzes now.

New code requires macOS version 10.10 or newer; macOS 10.9 is no longer supported.

When in single-color animation mode, the pulsing combat lights should no longer be interrupted.

Bundled with G910xmit AddOn version 1.9:

  • This is part of the death animation bug fix. You must update to AddOn version 1.9 with WoW G910 2.2.

Windows 1.4      19 Dec 16

Added single-color animation option for keyboards without per-key illumination (e.g. G213).

Bundled with AddOn version 1.8 current for Legion.

Mac 2.1      11 Dec 16

Added new option for single-color animations for keyboards without per-key illumination, such as the G213.

  • In this mode, most animations are simplified to solid color changes on the entire keyboard.
  • When you use this mode and also override the LGS profile, “Color A” on the color picker window is used for the keyboard color when no animation is playing.

Bundled with G910xmit AddOn version 1.8:

  • No longer triggers the transmog animation multiple times when you change more than one piece of armor.

Mac 2.0      29 Oct 16

The large G logo and the G910 logo light in the palm rest will pulse red with the others when in combat.

Several of the G_ keys will pulse with the others when you’re dead.

Big internal code changes, including:

  • Made screen scanner immune to slowdown because of the LED animations.
    • Your cooldowns should now track more accurately and no animated events should be missed.
  • Calibration routine now beeps every 2 seconds to indicate calibration is still running.

Fixed color restore on G logo and G_ keys following a cinematic blackout.

Fixed color problem specific to the left-shift key.

Bundled with G910xmit AddOn version 1.7:

  • Tracks two new events to try harder not to cycle off/on all action bar lights when player loses control.
  • Shows as current for Legion 7.1 release.

Windows 1.3      19 Sep 16

Both “logo” lights now also flash red when in combat.

Added five new animations introduced in Mac version 1.6.

Updated to Logitech SDK v8.87.116 with 32/64 bit fix and new features.

Some animations updated to partially blend into LGS background profile.

Bundled with AddOn version 1.6.1. Same as Mac but with fix to death animation.

Mac 1.6      5 Sep 16

Added three new animations for Legion: Open forge, Upgrade Artifact, Close Forge.

Added new animation when you set your hearthstone to a new location.

Added new animation when you transmog your gear.

Displays the existing “ready check” animation when you’re challenged to a duel.

Fixed Mac-only bug that could toggle the color profile if you opened a chat box while dead.

Windows 1.2      21 Aug 16

Separated 32-bit and 64-bit versions again.

Version must match the installed default Java Runtime bit mode.

Added error alert and graceful exit if app’s bit mode doesn’t match the Java Runtime.

Windows 1.1A      23 Jul 16

Unchanged PC application now bundled with version 1.5 of the AddOn for Legion.

Mac 1.5      23 Jul 16

AddOn now appears up-to-date for the Legion patch (WoW 7.0).

Modified AddOn to trigger “spec change” animation only when player changes specializations.

    Playing the animation every time the player changed a talent was a mistake.

Adjusted AddOn to prioritize “into combat” animation ahead of action bar cooldown animations.

Modified application to reduce Mac CPU usage.

Windows 1.1      4 Jul 16

Consolidated the Java jar to a single file for both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms.

Updated documentation regarding F13, F14, and F15 on Windows.

Changed default quick launch file locations to Win 10 style.

Adjusted timing for saving and restoring colors.

Updated to Logitech SDK version 8.82.7.

Windows 1.0      26 May 16

Initial Release.

Incorporates all Mac functionality below except full-keyboard color profiles.

Mac 1.4      21 May 16

Tested in the Legion Beta; ready for action in the new expansion!

Blizzard’s transition to Metal graphics API forced a change to this app’s “do not sleep” code.

The v1.3 AddOn changes made it possible to now dramatically shrink the size of the AddOn display.

  • The dots in the top-left corner of the screen take up 75% less space
  • Fortunate because Legion’s new Class Hall interface places an icon in the top left of the screen

No longer warn about possible screen size changes, because most of the time it was something else.

Added out-of-control check for action bar lights (should not turn “dark” while on a taxi, as intended).

Using the AddOn commands that change color profile will correctly do nothing if “Override LGS profile” is off.

Updated calibration feedback messages in main window.

Mac 1.3      30 Apr 16

Eliminated the need for separate AddOn versions for retina or non-retina displays. G910xmit works for all.

  • The updated AddOn will be more reliable on all screen types.

Changed screen reading from a thread to a timed call so it runs more smoothly/reliably now.

Fixed bug that got you stuck in “lights out” mode by watching two cinematics back-to-back.

Fixed a bug introduced in v1.2 that made the text window stop scrolling.

Mac 1.2      13 Apr 16

Fixed main action bars for Warriors which also enabled Rogue stealth, Shadowform Priest, and Druid bars

The “money” animation changed in two big ways:

  • Bar animates toward you when you gain money and animates away from you when you spend money.
  • The bar is colored copper, silver, or gold depending on how much money is changing hands.

Straitened horizontal animations.

Made automatic profile switching more responsive.

The WoW G910 color profiles are reapplied every 5 seconds while WoW’s in the foreground.

  • This means you can now press the M1, M2, or M3 keys without losing your colors.

Action bar cooldown resets no longer clear the flashing whisper notification light.

Calibrate button now asks “Are you sure?” before clearing your current settings.

Mac 1.1      29 Mar 16

Added new option to automatically switch to color profile 2 when a typing window opens.

  • “Typing windows” include chat, mail, auction search, bag search, and the macro editor.
  • App switches back to profile 1 when the chat window closes (usually when you press return).
  • This is intended to have very game-focused lights for profile 1 and even lighting on profile 2.

Added new option to alert you when a chat windows open during combat.

  • The red “in combat” pulsing lights will change to rapidly pulsing white

Increased responsiveness of lights changing due to action bar (cooldown) changes.

Reduced delay to stop the “in combat” light animation in some circumstances when you drop out of combat.

Added buttons on the main window to launch and World of Warcraft apps.

Mac 1.0      6 Mar 16

Added keyboard color profile programmer enabling full keyboard lighting control (optional).

Choose any color for up to 8 presets, and assign those preset colors to any of the keys.

Easily set custom colors for action bar cooldowns; no more hacking the preference file!

Full lighting control allows enhanced animations; several effects now play over your color scheme.

Eliminates gradual darkening of your LGS lighting profile after many animations.

Two programmable color profiles can be toggled from inside of WoW.

  • Each profile remembers its own setting to use action bar cooldowns (or not).
  • Added commands to G910xmit AddOn:  /G910profile1, /G910profile2, and /G910profileswap.

Imposes color profile on keyboard whenever WoW switches to the foreground.

Fixed extra cooldown cycling after rezzing.

Mac 0.94      8 Feb 16

Eliminated delay playing the animation after you change specs and fixed the cooldowns to update only once

Added alternative version of the AddOn for retina displays and fixed texture alignment

  • Install G910xmit for older, non-retina display Macs
  • Install G910xmit2x if you play on a Mac with a retina display, especially if you’ve had problems calibrating

Mac 0.93      11 Jan 16

Enhancements to key cooldown animations:

Now works for more than just “spell cooldowns.” Number and F keys will always match their on-screen twins.

  • Keys dim for: cooldowns, low mana, not enough holy power/rage/combo pts/etc., no item (soul stone), or an empty slot
  • Does not dim out-of-range spells or lack of a valid target. Neither does Blizzard
  • Does not dim everything while your character is briefly “out of control” (feared, stunned, silenced, dazed)

Added a flash to each key as it transitions from unavailable back to ready

Made more responsive by splitting up the “screen read” and “take action” functions into separate threads

Added /G910cdreset slash command to force the AddOn to re-sync keyboard lights with on-screen buttons

  • Useful after toggling out of and back into WoW, or if you rotate color profiles, and LGS resets your LED colors

Fixed F and number keys to use independent “on cooldown” colors as defined in the preferences

Suspends spell cooldown updates while you’re dead or watching a cinematic to not mess-up those animations

Fixed out-of-combat code that messed with spell cooldowns

Added a warning message if the display resolution is changed while WoW G910 is running

Fixed size of Help window so it can be printed properly

Added call to also close help window if it’s open when main window is closed

Mac 0.92      31 Dec 15

Alpha version of spell cooldown tracking (hooray!)

What it does:

  • Dims the key light for any spell on cooldown that is assigned to Blizzard default action bars (AB) 1, 5, and 6.
  • AB 1 is the main action bar and is assumed to be mapped to keys 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0,-,=
  • AB 6 ("Bottom Left Bar" in the WoW interface) appears directly above AB 1
    • It is assumed to be mapped as: F1 F2 F3 F4 (blank) F5 F6 F7 F8 (blank) F9 F10
  • AB 5 ("Bottom Right Bar" in the WoW interface) appears directly right of AB 6
    • It is assumed to be mapped as: F11 F12 (blank) PRNT_SCRN SCRL_LK PAUSE_BRK (remaining 6 slots ignored)
    • This AB 5 and 6 mapping makes the tool bar on screen line up with your physical keys
  • Dims "spell cooldowns" as defined by the Blizzard interface. Action buttons that appear dim on screen for other reasons (e.g. too little mana/rage, out of range, reactive spells, loss-of-control) do not dim on the keyboard. All cooldowns less than 1.5 seconds, including the GCD, are ignored.
  • Colors all the number keys yellow and all the F keys magenta when off cooldown (ready).  Keys on cooldown (not ready) appear dark blue.
  • Ignores shift-2, shift-3, etc. to change what appears in AB 1's place. The lights in the keyboard number row always show what is cooling off on default AB 1. 
  • Cooldown lights update appropriately when you change specs.
  • Makes playing WoW with your G910 10x cooler!

What this version does not do (until enough people tell me they care):

  • No customizing the mapping between Action Bar slots and keyboard keys.
  • Pet, stealth, and similar special action bars are not included. I'm a Paladin and don't use them  ;-) 
  • Does not import or use the color settings in your LGS WoW game profile for the number and F keys. Nor does it allow in-app editing of the colors for the keys.
  • Doesn't notice if you use the LGS-defined hot key to cycle between multiple color profiles while in game. The profile will change, but the number and F keys will quickly change back to the WoW G910-defined colors. If controlling color profiles in WoW is important to you, you'll have to uncheck the box in the main window to disable all cooldown lighting effects.

Shows advisory message in WoW if AddOn is run on a non-Mac system

Skips “spec changed” animation just after logging in

Accelerated some binary operations

Mac 0.91      20 Dec 15

Eliminated crash when Mac is forced to sleep

Displays the version number as reported by the LogiLED library (rather than just the bundle version number)

Optimized behavior of the main scroll view

Added Talent Spec Change LED animation

Added Ready Check LED animation

Added blinking enter key when you get a WoW (pink) or (blue) whisper

        Enter key will stop blinking when you:

            Move your character, or

            Reply to a whisper, or

            Experience another event (e.g. combat) which is animated by WoW G910

Added “lights out” mode for pre-rendered cinematics (cancel by moving your character)

        Previously this only worked for cinematics using the in-game engine

Mac 0.90      28 Nov 15

Initial Release  

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