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macOS v7.0       18 Oct 20

Windows v7.1    29 Nov 20

WoW G910


Trouble installing or calibrating? This video walks you step-by-step through getting WoW G910 up and running on Windows 10.

Single download includes two versions, one for current Shadowlands and another compatible with Classic.

Note: the video was written for version 5.0.  Some things are different in version 7:

  • The download includes a copy of g910xmit for both Shadowlands and Classic
  • When opened for the first time, the default key colors profile has multiple colors instead of all keys light blue
  • At 4:15, disregard the talk about the “Override LGS” setting; that is now the only mode for the program so the option was removed
  • At 7:35, the ability to choose 2 color profiles has been expanded to 9!
  • At 10:40, the command /g910calibrate is now just /g910cal

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