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macOS v7.0       18 Oct 20

Windows v7.1    29 Nov 20

WoW G910



When I click the TEST button in the app window, my keyboard lights don’t change. What’s wrong?


  • 1) Make sure LGS or G Hub is allowing 3rd party applications to control the lighting. In LGS, on the Settings page (gear icon) make sure “Allow games to control illumination” is checked on the General Tab. G Hub has a similar setting to enable.
  • 2) If you’re on Mac, it’s important to close the LGS window but keep LGS running. Close the window by clicking the window’s red close dot/box. You can tell LGS is still running because of the G logo in the menu bar. 
  • 3) Sometimes, you just need to Alt-Tab out of WoW, and then back into it and the lights will start working.

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