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macOS v5.2       24 Jan 19

Windows v5.2    21 Jan 19


WoW G910


The lights mostly work OK but when I leave combat the G-key lights and logo lights are the wrong color. Can I fix?


You can see this problem if WoW G910 is looking for the wrong name of your WoW game. When it’s looking for the wrong name, you will see the colors in your LGS WoW profile (or your default profile) on the G keys and logos instead of the colors you define using WoW G910.


This problem appeared on Windows when Blizzard removed the 32-bit client and changed the name of wow-64.exe to just wow.exe.  If you installed WoW G910 prior to version 5.1, it’s set to look for wow-64.exe and if it doesn’t see it running, it does not update the lights correctly.


The fix is simple. Hold down ALT and left click on the little WoW icon. In the window that opens, change “wow-64.exe” to “wow.exe” and click OK.

Quit and restart WoW G910.

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