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macOS v5.5       22 Jan 20

Windows v5.5.2    22 Jan 20

WoW G910



The lights mostly work OK but when I leave combat the G-key lights and logo lights are the wrong color. Can I fix?


‍This can happen if WoW G910 doesn’t know the correct name of your WoW executable. In that case, you will see LGS profile colors on the G keys and logos instead of the colors you define using WoW G910.

‍This problem appeared on Windows when Blizzard removed the 32-bit client and changed the name of wow-64.exe to just wow.exe.  If you installed WoW G910 prior to version 5.1, it’s set to look for wow-64.exe.

‍The fix is simple. Hold down ALT and left click on the little WoW icon. In the window that opens, change “wow-64.exe” to “wow.exe” and click OK.

‍Quit and restart WoW G910.

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